How to use Hired Magicians at your Function

If you are anything like the vast majority of people in the UK, you've probably never had to hire magicians before. No problem! The flexibility of Mark's close-up act, combined with his professional, experienced approach make Mark Cairns a good source of advice when you need UK magicians for hire.


Plan Your Event and Hire the Right Magicians - Simple

Close up magician at work - photoClose up magicians, such as the UK based magician Mark Cairns, have the experience to be able to slot easily into your order of events. There should be no need to change your programme or your venue to fit in with the fun. One of the most flexible and informal sources of enjoyment you can hire, magicians who work close up require no special stage or entertainment area.


Here are some tips on how to choose the best available magicians for hire and make good use of them. The information below will help you to plan most events. (If you are planning a wedding in the UK, you might want to read a separate article on how to hire and use wedding magicians - click here).



Step One: Consider How You Will Use the Magicians You Hire

No matter what sort of function you are planning, there are four main ways that magicians can be used: Mingling, Tableside, Parlour or as a Stage act.


Mingling Magicians

Mingling magician at work - photoThese are magicians hired to perform during the reception phase of your event, or during parties where people are standing and mingling. Mark moves amongst your guests and performs for individuals; others gather around to watch, forming small groups.


This acts as a great ice-breaker and conversation starter.

Learn more about using Mingling Magicians at your event.


Tableside magic

Tablesidr magician at work - photoThis is exactly as it sounds - the magicians you hire perform for groups of guests seated at a table. The magicians move from table to table, performing before and after the meal, and between courses. Mark gets guests' attention without seeming intrusive, and the whole table gets involved in the fun.


Learn more about using Table Magicians at your event.


Parlour Magic

Parlour magician at work - photoThis sort of performance takes its name from Victorian times when a magician would be hired to entertain guests in the parlour. Less formal than a stage act, this is suited to groups of up to around 20 guests. The group can either be seated at a table or less formally seated in a room away from noise and other distractions. This is a very popular option as it retains a great deal of the flexibility and intimacy of a close up performance while allowing an experienced magician the scope to develop more drama in a way that cannot be achieved in the brief time a performer is with a guest during a close up performance.


Stand-up Magic

Stage magician at work - photoThis is a more traditional option, where hired magicians perform to the group as a whole. While this is often what people naturally associate with magicians, this option is the most difficult to incorporate into your function in an effective way. It needs to be carefully planned if it is not to result in disappointment. Stand-up Magic is more expensive due to additional preparation, set-up and break-down time. For very large groups there are many logistical considerations such as the hire of lighting and staging equipment. (Mark is able to provide his own sound equipment when you hire him.) But don't be put off - Mark is an experienced UK professional who can guide you through all the pitfalls and see whether it's right for you.


Contact Mark to talk through your options.



Step Two: Choose Good Quality Magicians for Hire

The first thing to do is hire the right person for the job. Most people in the UK have never needed to hire magicians before, and don't always know what to look for. The guidelines on how to hire a magician give you a handy checklist of what you should look for in UK magicians for hire and also what you should avoid!



Step Three: Now Put Your Magicians to Work!

Mingling magician at work - photo 2The magicians you have hired can now go to work for you, breaking the ice, bringing continuity to the programme and keeping guests' interest during any "dead patch" such as waiting for the guest of honour to arrive, a dance band to set up or just for a meal to arrive.


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About Mark Cairns

This advice was developed by Professional Magician Mark Cairns. Mark is the ideal magician to hire, with over ten years experience as a full-time performer in the UK. A specialist close up magician for adult audiences, Mark uses his skills at corporate events, providing entertainment at weddings and at private parties. Mark is a UK member of The Magic Circle.


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