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This guide has been written to help you decide how you can best use Mark Cairns in a mingling setting at your event.


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Mingling magic (also called strolling magic or walk around magic) is almost entirely flexible. Mark mixes with your guests and performs for them as they are mingling together. No table or staging is required and Mark's unique brand of entertaining psychological mind reading can be performed anywhere with a minimum of fuss and equipment.


Often Mark is hired for a combined performance: mingling with guests during reception or pre-dinner drinks and then performing as a table magician during the meal.


The flexibility of the mingling performer means that the potential uses for mingling magicians are really only limited by your imagination.



How to use Mingling Magicians at Your Event

The most traditional uses for mingling magic are for corporate entertainment, private party entertainment (e.g. garden parties, house parties etc) and wedding entertainment. Mark has also performed at events and locations as diverse as movie premieres, river boat cruises, summer balls, officers' messes, hen parties, industrial sites, offices, trade show hospitality, hospitals, pubs and many more.

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How to Get The Best from Mingling Magicians

Mingling magic is very flexible but there are a few things you'll need to consider: group size, background noise levels and the timing of any speeches and announcements.


Group size

For groups of up to 100, one magician will be sufficient. However, for larger events, consider booking two or more magicians. Mark is very happy to work alongside any other magicians that you book separately, but will gladly recommend and organise additional magicians from a select group of his colleagues to ensure you get the best mix of skills and presentations for your event.


Background noise

It is important to consider how the magician will fit in with any background music as magicians rely on people being able to follow what is being said. Three things can help: having the music at a lower level, having a separate "quiet zone" for the magician to work in, or a large room where one end will be quieter. If the DJ or band is expected to be at a volume where conversational speech cannot be easily heard, you will get better value for money by changing the timing to avoid a clash.


Announcements and Speeches

It is better if your magician stops performing while any speeches or announcements are being made. Be sure your magician is aware of what is about to happen and, if you can, wait until the magician has finished what he is doing for a group before starting speeches. A quiet word in your magician's ear will see him finish up as quickly as possible.


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This advice was developed by Professional Magician Mark Cairns. Mark is the ideal magician to hire, with over ten years experience as a full-time performer in the UK. A specialist close up magician for adult audiences, Mark uses his skills at corporate events, providing entertainment at weddings and at private parties. Mark is a UK member of The Magic Circle.


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