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If you are looking for a table magician, be sure to read the following guide on How to use Table Magicians at your Function.


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How to use Table Magicians at your function

A table magician can be a great way of breaking the ice at a table and getting the conversation going. Here are some tips on how you can best use table magicians at your event.




Event Size

Large events

Table magician act - photo 1For groups of up to 100, one table magician will be sufficient. However, for larger events, consider booking two or more table magicians. Mark is very happy to work alongside any other table magicians that you book separately, but will gladly recommend and organise additional table magicians from a select group of his colleagues to ensure you get the best mix of skills and presentations for your event.


Small events

Table magician act - photo 2If you have less than 20 guests, there's another option. For a small, intimate group seated at the table, magician Mark can present a "parlour act" to the group as a whole. This style of presentation takes it name from Victorian times, when sophisticated hosts would provide entertainment in 'the parlour'. Mark will perform for between 30 and 45 minutes, so this sort of table magic works well after the meal, during dessert or coffee.



How to get the best out of Table Magicians

While table magicians are highly flexible, here are a few simple tips that will improve the ability of your table magician to entertain your guests:

Table layout

To get the best out of your table magician, you should give some thought to the seating arrangements. The best option is to seat your guests at round tables, with tables of 8 to 12 people being ideal. There should be room for the table magician to move right around the table. Long straight tables are best avoided if possible, as guests' ability to turn and see the table magician is restricted.


Background noise

It is important to consider how table magicians will fit in with any background music, as table magicians rely on people being able to follow what is being said. Three things can help: having the music at a lower level, having a separate quiet zone for the magician to work in, or a large room where one end will be quieter. If the DJ or band is expected to be at a volume where conversational speech cannot be easily heard, then you will get better value for money by changing the timing to avoid a clash.



Most table magicians prefer not to work while guests are actually eating. Most guests prefer this too - no one wants to be asked to "pick a card" when they have a mouthful! However, the service is usually staggered, so with a little co-ordination the magician can work at unserved tables and, by the time the last table is being served, guests at the first tables are finishing.

Announcements and Speeches

It is better if your magician stops performing while any speeches or announcements are being made. Be sure your magician is aware of what is about to happen and, if you can, wait until the magician has finished performing at a particular table before starting speeches. A quiet word in your table magician's ear will see him finish up at a table as quickly as possible.


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