Professional Magician Mark Cairns

Originally from New Zealand, Mark Cairns has been performing professional magic for twenty years and in that time has quickly established himself among the top professional magicians in the UK.



A Thoroughly Personable, Professional, Psychological Magician

Professional close up magician Mark Cairns primarily performs as a psychological mind reader in an act that is designed to appeal to a sophisticated and intelligent audience. The key thing that this professional magician will bring to your event is a sense of fun - the emphasis is not on fooling or embarrassing people. Instead Mark focuses on making sure your guests are having a good time.


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Have some fun, cut out the headaches, by hiring a professional magician

Even though you are organising the event, you want to be able to enjoy it yourself without having to worry about unreliable performers. Mark prides himself on his professional approach, his punctuality, reliability and on the good hospitality he shows your guests.

This, along with his established track record and portfolio of customer references, make Mark a safe pair of hands for your event.


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Mark Cairns, an experienced and qualified professional magician

A full-time professional magician specialising in magic for adult audiences, Mark has worked the length and breadth of the UK performing both as a corporate magician and providing wedding entertainment and private party entertainment for adult audiences.


You can find out more about his act by clicking here.


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Watch Mark at work in this video

If you haven’t seen Mark perform before, then you will want to be sure that he can actually deliver on what he promises. Mark’s promotional video features him in action with unprepared members of the general public and demonstrates the powerful impact that his act has on guests. See for yourself how Mark will get your guests talking.


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Magic Circle Magician Mark Cairns

Magician Mark Cairns is a member of The Magic Circle, the global organisation for top level magicians.



Why you should hire a magician from The Magic Circle

When you hire close up magicians for your event, they interact one-on-one with your valued guests. This means that the magicians you hire will have a major impact on the impression that your guests will take away from your event - both good and bad.


Mark Cairns - Magic Circle magician image 2Mark Cairns is a member of The Magic Circle, the world's most prestigious magic society. Magicians are only admitted to membership of The Magic Circle after a rigorous process of interviews and examinations.


This means that, as one of The Magic Circle's full-time professional UK magicians, Mark is a safe pair of hands. His personable manner and people skills make Mark an ideal hospitality performer, and his customer testimonials testify both to the quality of his act and his ability to leave guests with a good impression.


Mark has prepared a page of further advice on how to hire a magician which you can read to help you make the right decision for you.


Or simply contact Mark today to make your event a big success!



What is The Magic Circle?

The Magic Circle is the world's most prestigious society for magicians around the globe. Founded over 100 years ago in 1905, there are only 1,500 members of The Magic Circle worldwide. Members of The Magic Circle include such famous magicians of the past such as David Copperfield, Paul Daniels and Tommy Cooper.


The Magic Circle has its headquarters in Euston, London, in a purpose built building - The Centre for the Magical Arts. This boasts a museum, a library (for magicians only) and a fully equipped 160 seat theatre. The Magic Circle headquarters are available to hire for corporate functions and events.


As you would expect, The Magic Circle holds plenty of closed door activities for magicians, such as regular meetings and lectures. There are also a number of events put on regularly for the general public. The famed 'Meet the Magic Circle' evenings, where the guests are treated to an evening of performances by some of the top magicians of The Magic Circle, are a popular evening out and the annual season of The Magic Circle Christmas Show is routinely sold out months in advance.