Mark Cairns Magician - imageMind Blowing Magic - The Magical Effect of the Mentalist Magician

Magician Mark Cairns is the one to check out. One of a new breed of next generation UK magicians, Mark's astonishing and unique brand of psychological magic will break the ice, get your guests laughing and talking, and leave them with lasting memories of your event.



The Magician with a Difference

Mark's unique style blends the approach of close-up magicians with the fascinating and subtle art of the modern psychological mind reader. Delivered either as a stage show with invited participants from the audience, or at individual guest tables or even while mingling with your guests. Audiences are left gasping at the amazing illusions that this powerful one-two combination delivers.


When this UK based magician's ability to astonish is combined with his congenial personality and slightly irreverent wit, the stage is set for awesome one-on-one entertainment for your valued guests.


"They're right - you are good"

Sir Paul McCartney, East Sussex


"Come back here and do that again"

Simon Cowell, London